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Bus lanes, bus gates and bus-only streets

A bus lane, bus gate or bus-only street is a section of road that is reserved for buses to use.

Other vehicles may be able to use it, and signs are located at the beginning of each bus lane, bus gate or bus-only street showing what can use it. Only the vehicles shown on the signs may use it during the hours indicated on the sign. 

If you drive in a bus lane, bus gate or bus only street when you are not allowed you may receive a fine which is called a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

To enable us to monitor bus lane use we now have a portable camera which will record all vehicles using a bus lane, and allow us to identify those vehicles that are using it illegally. 

What happens if you need to drive across a bus lane to get to a house

You can cross a bus lane to access a driveway to a house, as long as the house has access for a vehicle. You must:

  • not wait in the bus lane
  • make the turn as close as possible to the access point
  • not drive along the bus lane

Bus lane and bus gate locations

  • Durham, Milburngate: northbound approach to Milburngate roundabout
  • Durham, North Road 
  • Durham, Quarryheads Lane
  • A167, Croxdale: southbound approach to Croxdale roundabout
  • A167, Durham: southbound approach to Sniperley roundabout
  • A167, Durham: southbound approach to Pity Me roundabout
  • A181, Durham: westbound approach to Gilesgate roundabout  
  • A690, Durham: westbound approach to Gilesgate roundabout
  • A690, Durham: eastbound approach to Stonebridge roundabout
  • B6288, Croxdale: north-westbound approach to Croxdale roundabout
  • B6532, Durham: southbound approach to County Hall roundabout
  • C12, Durham: southbound approach to Aykley Heads roundabout
  • C184, Chester-le-Street: southbound approach to Northlands roundabout
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Our address is:
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  • Durham
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
  • DH1 9GP
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