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Temporary events signs

Information about using short term signs to inform and direct traffic to the location of a special event.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of temporary yellow and black signs on the highway network promoting a wide variety of events around the county. The use, location and length of time that the signs are in place, has caused concerns in relation to the environmental impact of sign clutter and the potential to adversely impact on road safety.

The current Traffic Sign Regulations state that temporary event signs should only be erected for road safety and traffic management purposes. They should provide clear directions to those attending events and help to reduce congestion. Such signing should not be used as a form of advertising or as a promotion for the events.

In addition, the temporary event signs should not be used for events at locations that already have permanent road signs, either in the form of a normal direction sign or a brown tourist sign.


Our policy sets out the revised criteria to control the use of temporary event signs in County Durham.

Sign manufacture

We will only allow signs to be erected on a highway that meet the standards with respect to the current Traffic Signs Regulations. You should therefore employ a recognised temporary traffic management company to manufacture the signs. Such a company should also have the necessary insurances and certification in place to allow them to erect and remove the temporary signs from the highway.

Submissions for approval

If you require consent to erect temporary event signs on the public highway, be it on a road, footway or verge and you have ensured that they will meet the criteria set out in the policy, you will need to contact us  with the following information.

  • contact name/address/telephone number
  • a location plan (preferably 1:2500 but no smaller than 1:10,000 scale)
  • the sign designs detailing the wording of each sign and the size of the sign text
  • the date of the event/date that signs will be erected and removed
  • name of company who will be erecting/removing the signs

Please head any correspondence with 'Temporary Event Signs'. Any sign proposals should be submitted for approval well in advance of the event.

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