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Vote in person

If you choose to vote in person at your polling station, a poll card will be sent to you, provided you are registered to vote and eligible to vote in that election.

How do I vote in person?

On election day:

  • Go to your allocated polling station. This is on your polling card. Polling stations are open from 7.00am to 10.00pm.
  • When you arrive at the polling station, staff will ask for your name and address. You do not need your polling card to vote, but it will make it easier for the presiding officer to find your name on the electoral register. 
  • The presiding officer will then give you a ballot paper.
  • To guard against duplicate voting, your name will be marked on the electoral register.
  • Take the paper to one of the polling booths, which are screened to ensure secrecy. Follow the instructions on the notices in the polling booth and on top of the ballot paper, and mark an "X" in the box on the right hand side of the paper against the candidate you wish to vote for. If you make a mistake or spoil your paper, you can take it back to the presiding officer and ask for another.
  • Fold the ballot paper so other people cannot see your choice, post it in the ballot box.


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