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Do it online

Carry out all your business with us online from the comfort of your own home and at a time convenient for you. Whether you want to report it, apply for something, pay a bill or tell us what you think about something we're doing - you'll find it all here.

Why it's good to register and do it online!

  • You don't have to keep filling in your personal details every time you contact us.
  • You can use it any time - 24/7.
  • You may be able to check the progress of your request get feedback if you've reported any issues.
  • If we know of issues in your area that may affect you - we can add messages to your account for you to see when you log in. 

We offer a number of ways for you to do things online.....

Customer account

You can apply and report things across a number of services, including roads, rubbish and recycling, 

Depending on the form, you may have to register to submit your request.

The most popular things we get asked about online are listed on the welcome page and then there's a longer list in an  A to Z under more services. Or you can go from the website page you've searched for straight to the online service you want.

When you've registered and logged in, your details will be automatically added to the relevant fields in the form you are using eg if you want to report that your bin hasn't been emptied it will automatically fill in your property and contact details.

Council tax

You can access our council tax portal through your customer account.

Set up your personal account or login now. If you just want to pay your council tax or other council bill visit our eStore to pay for it.

Planning applications

  • View and comment on planning applications that have been submitted to us.
  • If you want to comment, you must register first, but viewing applications can be done without registering.

Parent portal

The parent portal is an area that lets you apply for council and government services that affect your children. Currently, you can:

  • apply for a school place
  • check to see if you are eligible for an early years Free Play and Learn two year old place

You will need to register yourself and your children before you can apply.

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