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Borrow a Bike scheme

Free bike hire scheme for people working or living in Shildon who need to get to work and want to save money and keep healthy.

How to apply for a bike

You must live or work within the boundary of Shildon and want to use the bike mainly for commuting to work (though you can also use it for leisure as there is no limit on use).

We will confirm a collection time and place with you when you have successfully applied.

We expect you to familiarise yourself with the Highway Code.

When you collect your bike

You must bring three forms of ID when you come to collect your bike at the pre-arranged time:

  1. photographic ID eg passport, driver's license
  2. proof of address ID eg council tax bill, utilities bill, bank statement
  3. workplace ID eg pay slip, work badge

What you get with the scheme

  • the bike - we have a range of men's and women's mountain bikes in various sizes suitable for riding on roads and firm tracks
  • a helmet (if you don't have your own).
  • a lock, front and rear lights, hand pump, puncture repair kit and one spare inner tube
  • a startup kit including bag, water bottle, maps, information book and a waterproof seat cover
  • training tailored to your individual needs, covering basic bike maintenance, safety checks, handling and on and off-road skills
  • you must sign up to the Love to Ride Durham website and log all journeys

What you will not get

  • specific cycling clothing or footwear
  • a puncture repair service
  • personal or 3rd party insurance cover

We do not offer the bikes for sale.

How long the scheme lasts and any costs

The scheme is free to join and initially lasts for three months from collecting your bike. If you want to potentially keep the bike for longer, you must pay £30 every three months for a service.

You can return the bike at any time, but we need a minimum of three working days notice. Contact us to agree a date and time, and return the bike and equipment to the place you collected it from.

We will give notice if we are going to end your access to the scheme because:

  • the bike fails an inspection
  • you are not using the bike primarily for commuting to work
  • you do not abide with the terms and conditions you agree to when you fill in the application form

What to do if things go wrong

The bike is stolen

  • contact the police immediately to get a crime reference number
  • contact us as soon as possible with the details - we will let you know whether you are able to borrow another bike

The bike is damaged or needs repairing

  • contact us immediately about the damage and whether the bike can or should still be used

You have an accident

  • get the name and address of the people involved
  • try and get the names and addresses of any independent witnesses
  • get a police incident number if there are injuries to any person or damage to property
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Borrow a Bike
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