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Garden and mixed waste permits

If you are visiting a Household Waste Recycling Centre (tip) with a van, pickup, minibus or you are towing a trailer you will need a waste permit. You can apply for up to three permits at one time.

Alternatively, you can contact us or pick one up from your local customer access point

Please note, your permit(s) can not be printed directly from the website. If your application is submitted before noon on a working day, your permit(s) will be sent by second class post the same day.

How to use your waste permit?

A single waste permit is required per visit, which you hand to a member of staff when you arrive. There are three types of permit.

Mixed waste permit - If you apply for three in one go they must be used within one 28 day period.

Garden waste permit - If you are disposing of garden waste only (including leaves, pruning, grass cuttings, branches, trees) you can pre book when you would like to visit the sites when you apply. If you apply for three each one will be valid for 28 days from the date you request.

Household hazardous waste permit - This permit can only be used at specially licensed recycling sites. Find out more about what you need a Household hazardous waste permits permit for, which sites accept this waste and how to apply.

Only certain types of vehicles can enter a Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC). Download Icon for pdf Who needs a waste permit? (PDF, 68.3kb)  which provides more information on whether your vehicle can enter the site. 

Before you apply

  • Mixed waste permits are for household waste only. Any potentially hazardous waste such as chemicals, paint or asbestos require a household hazardous waste permit.
  • Permits are not issued for commercial waste, which includes waste from landlords from their tenanted properties. If you're a landlord, please see Waste from landlords on how to dispose of your waste.
  • If it's waste from home DIY projects you are limited to 12 permits per year.
  • You must give specific details of the waste - 'DIY waste' or 'household waste' is not sufficient description.
  • Permits are for County Durham residents only.
  • Permits can be used for one visit only.
  • Your application will be delayed if you do not complete it in full.

Before you set off to the HWRC (tip)

  • A maximum limit of one tonne of waste applies to each permit.
  • The person whose name and address is on the permit must be present at the HWRC, even if someone else is driving. You may be asked for ID such as a driving licence or bank card.
  • There is no pedestrian access to HWRCs.

Why do we operate a permit scheme for household waste?

Our permit scheme was introduced to prevent commercial and trade waste from being illegally taken to our HWRCs.

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