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Neville's Cross works

Find out about the improvements we have made at Neville's Cross traffic light junction during summer 2017.

Why were the works necessary?

The works were essential to ensure this busy junction continued to work effectively for the thousands of vehicles using it every day. The traffic light poles and cables at Neville's Cross were 25 years old and replacement was required, along with upgrades to meet modern safety standards. The condition of the roads at the junction and on Neville's Cross Bank  also needed improving.

What improvements have been made?

We have upgraded the traffic light junction with energy efficient lights and new pedestrian crossing facilities. This included the removal of old underground cables and installation of new cables which meet modern safety standards.

The work has also provided a newly constructed road surface at Neville's Cross Junction and Neville's Cross Bank, as far as the Stonebridge Roundabout.

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