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Street works permit scheme

You may need a permit if you want to work on our roads or pavements.

What work needs a permit

You will need a street works permit if you are:

  • digging up (opening up) or resurfacing a street
  • digging up (opening up) a road or cycleway of traffic-sensitive streets at traffic sensitive times
  • needing temporary traffic control
  • needing a temporary traffic regulation order or notice, or the suspension of a pedestrian facility
  • reducing the lanes available on a road/verge/footpath of three or more lanes
  • reducing the width of the existing road/verge/footpath of a traffic-sensitive street at a traffic sensitive time

Icon for pdf Street Works Permit Scheme (PDF, 1.4mb)

How to apply

You can make an application for a permit

  • through the online EToN system - contact us for more information

You may also have to fill in one or more of the following:

Why we have a permit scheme

All roadworks can reduce the amount of the space available to traffic and pedestrians. They can also cause problems for businesses and residents. The scale of disruption is different depending on the type of work and the size of the area. If mot well managed, it can lead to unnecessary congestion, disruption and delays.

Our road and street works permit scheme is designed to:

  • reduce disruption on our roads
  • improve management of our roads
  • reduce delays to road and pathway users
  • promote a safer environment
  • reduce carbon emissions

What do do if you don't need a street works permit

You may still need to fill in a Section 50 license.

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Street works permit scheme
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