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Multi-Agency Intervention Service (MAIS)

The Multi-Agency Intervention Service (MAIS) brings a range of agencies together to support adults who continually cause anti-social behaviour or crime in our communities.

What does the MAIS do?

The MAIS works with adults, over the age of 18, who may:

  • be a victim of anti-social behaviour or crime
  • be at risk of harm and/or have other factors which increase their vulnerability
  • be a persistent complainant
  • place a high demand on services

Which agencies are part of the MAIS?

MAIS is supported by a range of partners:

  • council safeguarding services (Social Care)
  • community and acute health services
  • housing providers
  • voluntary sector organisations
  • Probation Service
  • Police
  • drug and alcohol services
  • mental health teams

All agencies place the client at the centre of interventions and provide advice, expertise and guidance to achieve successful solutions and long term behaviour change.

How will the MAIS work with the adult?

A Lead Professional will coordinate a package of support based on individual need. All activity and interventions form a 'Team Around the Adult' (TAA). This involves various key practitioners and agencies, depending on the level of identified need.  

Adults will be supported to help them change their situation and behaviour. All actions will be agreed jointly between the adult and the MAIS.

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