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The leaders of the seven local councils, the North of Tyne Mayor and Northumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner encourage people to work together to move out of Tier 3 as quickly and as safely as possible.

Have your say on Area Action Partnership (AAP) priorities for 2019-2021

Our AAPs are wanting the views of local residents across the county to support them to identify the key themes that the AAPs and its partners should work on between 2019 and 2021.


There are 14 AAPs that cover all areas of the county. They have been set up to give people in County Durham a greater choice and voice in local affairs. The partnerships allow people to have a say on services, and give organisations the chance to speak directly with local communities. By working in partnership we help ensure that the services of a range of organisations - including the county council, police, fire, health, and voluntary organisations - are directed to meet the needs of local communities and focus their actions and spending on issues important to these local communities.

We regularly ask local people to vote on what priorities they would like to see their AAPs work on for the following year.

When we conducted our last survey in 2016, we had just under 8,000 responses from across the county, including the views of over 3,000 secondary school pupils. From the 10 themes, you helped to prioritise those which were most important to you in your area. Each AAP was then able to work with partners and local organisations develop a range of projects and schemes to meet the needs of their particular area.

Following on from the Icon for pdf AAP Priorities 2019/20 (PDF, 1.0mb) , AAPs allocated £2,704,913 and helped bring over £2,431,863 of matched investment into the county, to deliver 825 local projects. So, together, we are starting to address the key concerns and put into action some of the ideas and suggestions.

What are we consulting on?

We now want to see if anything has changed for you in your area and therefore we are asking you to help focus our work for 2019/20 and 2020/21.

This year, we want you to again highlight your top three themes, provide feedback on why you have chosen them, and how we should deal with any specific issues around them. There are ten themes to choose from, including young people, older people, health and wellbeing, community safety and the environment.

Your views will help prioritise and target our AAP spending, as well as providing us with the opportunity to apply to outside funding bodies to bring more money into the county.

Have your say

The closing date for comments was Friday 30 November.

Contact us
Area Action Partnership - 3 Towns Partnership
03000 267 539
Our address is:
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  • Crook
  • County Durham
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