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Who can become a Shared Lives Provider

We invite people of all ages and backgrounds to become Shared Lives Providers.

If you have a spare bedroom, and the time to dedicate to become a Shared Lives Provider, please  contact us.

Whether you're married or single, your sexuality, age and employment status will not impact on your application. We welcome people who are:

  • single
  • married and unmarried
  • with or without their own children
  • same sex couples
  • homeowners or tenants
  • employed and unemployed
  • retired

These are just examples. If your circumstances are different, and you'd like to apply to become a Shared Lives Provider, please contact us.

Essential criteria

However, we do have the following essential criteria - you must have:

  • a spare bedroom
  • a safe, clean and comfortable home
Contact us
Shared Lives
07786 027 139