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Following a steep rise in cases across the region, the whole of the North East has been named as an area that will receive additional support. You can read the latest statement from LA7 leaders. There are no additional restrictions on the area or residents but with cases of Covid higher than ever before everyone is asked to continue to act carefully and responsibly. Further information will be provided as it becomes available. See Covid-19 advice and information for advice on how to stay safe. Thank you for playing your part in helping to keep the North East open and protect others.

Self isolating for schools

Information if your child has been sent home from nursery/school because they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

This means:

  • The virus might have passed from the infected person to your child
  • Your child might become positive for Covid-19. This might take up to 10 days
  • Your child must isolate for 10 full days as they may have the virus, even if they don't have symptoms. Isolating reduces the risk of them passing the virus to other people.

Isolate means your child must stay home regardless of what other restrictions are in place.

No playdates, even outdoors or with children from nursery/school who have also been sent home

No shopping (you can't take your child to the supermarket with you for essentials)

No sibling school pick ups

No visiting family or friends or them visiting you

Does my family need to isolate as well?

You and the rest of your household do not have to isolate as you were not in close contact with the infected person

Try to limit or reduce your child's contact, where possible, with members of the household. This could prevent spreading any infection.

Everyone should wash their hands regularly.

If your child develops any symptoms of coronavirus within the 10 days isolation period you should get a free NHS test to check if your child has coronavirus. All of your household must isolate for 10 days after your child's symptoms started. If the test is negative your child will still need to isolate for the 10 days after they had contact. All other household members only need to continue to isolate if the test is positive. See NHS: Your coronavirus test result for further information.

Can I get my child tested so they can go back to nursery?

Even if you get a negative result, your child must still complete the 10 days isolation. This is because they are only negative on the day of the test. The virus still has time to develop.

Only seek a test if your child develops symptoms.

If you need help or support because your child is self isolating see Get help if you're self-isolating.

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