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Administer medication to individuals and monitor the effects training

More than 200 million medication errors occur in the NHS in England each year and hundreds of deaths occur that are avoidable.

A medication error can occur at any point an individual encounters a drug - this includes prescribing, dispensing, administering, and monitoring. These medication errors can potentially pose a significant threat not just to patients but also to staff and organisations. (This unit of learning is from the Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care Unit number: R/615/7335)

These errors have huge financial implications, a report by the Department of Health assessed the cost of preventable errors in the NHS relating to the improper use and administration of medication, it concluded that the NHS wastes as much as £2.5 billion on preventable medication errors. 

By completing this course, you will gain an understanding of medication administration, you will develop and improve your skills relating to the safe administration of medication in a health and social care setting.

Who the course is for

This course is ideal for anyone who works in the healthcare sector. This course is for those who prepare for, administer, and monitor the effects of medication on individuals. The unit applies to all medication used for and by individuals, both prescribed and non-prescribed. The course is also suitable for anyone who handles medication in a caring role.

Learning method

The course is delivered through blended learning. You will need to complete a workbook to evidence your skills and knowledge and submit this for assessment. You must attend an initial three hour session with a tutor delivered virtually on Microsoft Teams. This session will provide the knowledge that is needed to complete the theoretical element of the course.

There is also a skills section of the workbook to complete the practical elements of the course in your workplace setting. (This will be collected through observation from senior staff.) The guided learning hours for this entire course is 30 hours.

Before you attend the three hour online session, your manager must have attended the manager induction session and you must have attended the learner induction session - this is mandatory. The learner session is one hour long and the manager session is 30 minutes.

What you will learn

This course is split into five learning outcomes (LO):

  • LO1: Understand the current legislation, guidelines and policies relevant to the administration of medication.
  • LO2: Know about common types of medication and their use.
  • LO3: Understand procedures and techniques for the administration of medication.
  • LO4: Be able to prepare for the administration of medication.
  • LO5: Be able to administer and monitor medication.

LO4 and LO5 must be assessed in a real work environment with the use of witness testimony.

Course benefits

  • A personal tutor will be assigned to ensure that you have the support needed to succeed.
  • Create a long standing career pathway within the healthcare setting.
  • Course delivered through Teams and completed remotely to give you flexibility of study.

Session times

Learner induction

Dates to be announced.

Manager induction

Dates to be announced.

Administer medication to individuals and monitor the effects

Dates to be announced.

How to book

To book this course, please contact us.

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