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Direct Payments - employing someone to help you as a Personal Assistant (PA)

If you choose to use your Direct Payments to employ a Personal Assistant you will be responsible for the recruitment and employment process.

Adults with care needs can search for a Personal Assistant on the Locate - care and support in County Durham website. Parents and carers of a child with care needs can search for a Personal Assistant to help them on the Families Information Service website.

There is also a similar Personal Assistant register held by a company called Accountability. To access the Accountability register, the person looking for a Personal Assistant can call this company on 0191 4921222. These registers contain the details of people who have registered to say that they are looking for employment as a Personal Assistant. The Direct Payments Team can also advertise on your behalf to find a suitable Personal Assistant if this is required.

Your Direct Payments support workers will confirm with you what paperwork is required. If you are employing a Personal Assistant, this is likely to include the following:

  • payroll documents
  • statement of main terms and conditions of employment
  • starter checklist
  • reference request forms
  • DBS, if a DBS is required
  • GDPR documents

DBS ask the employee to email or call 03000 268 200 and further instruction will be provided. Please note, if the service user is under 18 then employment cannot begin until a DBS has been completed and sighted by the employer.

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