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Bariatric Moving and Handling (half day)

This course is designed for all those working within health and social care and provide hands on care to plus size service users and patients in all care settings and provides knowledge and skills that are transferable across services.

This course is only open to people who work for an employer commissioned by Durham County Council.

Learning method

The course is a mix of both elearning and hands on practical based learning. The elearning element covers all aspects of health and safety and manual handling legislation and elements of looking after yourself physically when undertaking moving and handling as part of care practice. There is a short test to accompany the elearning elements.

Practical training

Moving and handling plus size or bariatric people is an increasingly challenging area for staff working within the health and social care sectors. This course will provide staff with the theory and practical skills to be better equipped to care and support and promote independence of plus size clients. The course will explore the challenges faced by bariatric clients in relation to their day to day living and look at the importance of maintaining independence of mobility and personal tasks such as dressing and hygiene. The course will also examine the various types of available equipment to successfully support the moving and handling needs of the plus size person, including seating, mobility aids, beds, and hoisting equipment.

Course benefits

  • Gain skills and knowledge in relation to safer working practice.
  • Have a better understanding of equipment and techniques to help reduce the risks to clients and staff when undertaking manual handling tasks of plus size or bariatric people.
  • The importance of promoting independence of plus size individuals.
  • Understand the principles behind effective risk assessing of manual handling activities for the larger or bariatric person.
  • Have a greater understanding of bariatric equipment and its effective use.
  • Transferable practical skills that can be developed to meet the needs of a variety of health and social care environments.

How to book

To book this course, please contact us.

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