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End of Life Care and Anticipatory Medication

Delivered in partnership with Nurse training2care this virtual session aims to help learners develop the understanding and knowledge of how to sensitively and appropriately care for individuals in the final stages of life.

This course is designed for registered nurses but can be attended by all Health and Social Care staff.

Learning method

The course is a virtual session over 2 hours, at the end of the session you will complete a short assessment to evidence the learning which will take you approximately 1 hour to complete.

You will cover person the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care and Health and Safety Legislation. 

What you will learn

By completing this course, you will gain an understanding End of Life Care which will develop and improve your skills in a health and social care setting.

You will cover

  • Introduction - End of Life Care - Gold Standards Framework.
  • Communicating bad news - Key Principles.
  • Person Centred Care Planning - End of Life Strategy.
  • Advance Decisions - What is an Advance Decision and who makes it.
  • Anticipatory Medication.
  • Last Offices - Procedure.


  • Understand person centred care planning and the tools and pathways of End of Life Care.
  • Course delivered via virtual session to give you flexibility of study.

Virtual sessions

  • Dates to be announced

How to book

To book this course, please contact us.

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