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Road condition surveys

We are responsible for maintaining the adopted roads and pavements in County Durham.


Following a review of road service provision and in line with government guidance, we will be working on a limited number of projects where it is safe to do so including:

  • road resurfacing and specialist surface schemes
  • gully cleansing and maintenance
  • street lighting maintenance
  • bridges and structures.

There will be delays in responding to non-emergency and non-essential works. All activity will be undertaken with staff working to social distancing guidance.

Critical and emergency works including emergency repairs, road traffic accidents and emergency road defects will continue.

An adopted road or pavement is one that we have taken legal responsibility to maintain. This generally covers the centre of the road to the back of the footpath or roadside verge. 

We do a variety of surveys throughout the year such as:

  • safety inspections
  • coarse visual inspections
  • footway network surveys
  • SCANNER surveys
  • skid resistance surveys.

Any road or pavement which at the time of inspection is assessed as possibly becoming an imminent danger to road users or pedestrians, is noted and repairs arranged. Skidding resistance of the county roads is assessed using surveys as explained in our Icon for pdf Skid Resistance Strategy (PDF, 441.2kb)

The results from all the condition surveys are analysed and collated and used as part of the process for deciding where to carry out future structural maintenance works such as:

  • surface treatment
  • resurfacing
  • reconstruction
  • drainage improvement
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