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Animal feed regulation

Animal feed plays an important part in the food chain and has implications for the contents and quality of livestock products that people eat, such as milk, meat and eggs.

As many contagious diseases are passed through the food chain, regular inspections are required for both producers and users of animal feed. Regulations are in place to make sure that animal feed is produced and used safely, and can be traced in the event of a food or feed safety incident.

The Feed (Hygiene and Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2005 mean that businesses involved in the production, use, transportation, storage or marketing of animal feeds must be registered or approved by us or another appropriate agency

Businesses covered by the law

This includes:

  • livestock farms
  • arable farms growing crops for feed use
  • companies that transport or store animal feed 
  • food manufacturers selling by products of food production into the feed chain
  • retailers and wholesalers of animal feed (excluding pet food)
  • pharmacists who supply mineral and vitamin supplements for animals.

See Food Standards Agency: animal feed legislation for a full list of activities that are covered by the regulations.

How to register

If your business or activity falls into one of these categories and you are not already registered, you must do so. To be registered or approved by us, you must meet specific requirement:


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