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Pick and Collect library service

During Covid-19, you can order library books using Library Online, by phone or by email, and then collect your books from an agreed library.

How to order

Whether you place your order using Library Online, phone or email, we will call you to confirm your order and collection date.

Library online

  1. login to Library Online and select 'Pick and collect' from the main page
  2. choose the library (from the list below) that you wish to collect your books from
  3. select up to three books
  4. you will be asked to check your contact details (make sure your email address is correct)

By phone or email

  1. select up to three books that you wish to order
  2. contact the library you wish to order from either by phone or email (a list of libraries is available further down this page) and provide:
    • details of the books you wish to order
    • your library ticket number or your name and address (if you don't have your library ticket number)
    • your phone number

Where the service is available

Currently the service will be available at the following libraries. Please do not go to your library without a pre-booked collection slot and check on the relevant library pages what hours they are currently open.

How to collect your books

Your books will be put in a paper bag to quarantine them and labelled ready for you to collect. To collect your books:

  • go to the library in advance of the agreed time (you may have to queue outside) and observe social distancing guidance/markings
  • you will be asked to confirm your name and your bag of books will be put on a table for you

Returning borrowed books

There will be quarantine bins at each Pick and Collect library during opening hours. Put the returned books in the bins by tipping them out of any bags you may have brought them in.

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