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Planning your career in social care

There are lots of different roles in social care depending on what you want to do, who you want to work with and where you'd like to work.

Social care is one of the few sectors where jobs are increasing, offering a wide range of long-term career opportunities. A career in social care offers long-term employment prospects, with a lot of opportunities for promotion and progression within the sector. 

Why you should choose social care 

Somewhere in your community there's a job that you can do to help others. If you like working with people, social care offers a worthwhile job that can turn into a rewarding, long-term career. There are lots of different job roles in social care; it just depends on what you're interested in, who you want to work with and where you want to work. 

Icon for pdf Care Academy transcript (PDF, 78.1kb)

Interactive careers tools that will inform you about Adult Social Care

Skills for Care have an interactive PDF which has been created to support anyone interested in finding out more about a career in care.  

It can be used by jobseekers, students, people considering a change of career or care workers wanting to progress in their career. Careers advisors, teachers or job brokers can also use it with people they are supporting.  

The tool highlights the range of job opportunities within the care sector and how you can get into and progress a career in care. It includes case studies of people currently working in a range of different roles who talk about how they have progressed their career. 

Go to Skills for Care - develop your career to access the tool.

There is also information about the wide range of roles available. There is information on the skills you need, the experience and qualifications you require, how to get started and what routes there are for progression. See Skills for Care - job roles in social care.

The Care Academy have also developed a virtual work experience tool where you can find out more about roles in adult social care. See north east ambition work experience tour.

Contact us for information on the qualifications and training to help you find your perfect job in adult social care. 

Myth Smash - the adult social care recruitment game

This is mobile and desktop game 'Myth Smash' which takes you on a journey of discovering different careers in adult social care. Help new carers find their perfect match within the sector, by smashing myths, pairing your carers with the perfect person to support and learning the true facts about adult social care.