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A to Z

On our A to Z you will find an alphabetical list of the services and information we offer, as well as some information about key partner organisations. Please click on the letters below to see what options are available.

Bereavement advice is available from the Registrar following the registration of a death.
If you're having trouble managing your money, with rent arrears or dealing with debt, you should get help as soon as possible. You can get free and impartial advice and support from a range of places.
Some people living in care homes cannot always make their own decisions about where to live or how to be cared for, so they need extra care and protection to ensure they do not suffer harm.
If you are entitled to financial help to meet your care and support needs, you can choose to receive money from us to buy services that meet those needs. This is called direct payments.
Dog fouling spoils the environment, upsets local residents and can cause serious health risks, particularly to children. Pick up your dog's waste using a bag and put the dog waste in a rubbish bin. Please encourage your family and friends to do the same. It will help us keep County Durham clean.
One in four women and one in six men will be a victim of domestic abuse, in their lifetime. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone. You are not alone.
Help and information about drainage and who to contact if you have a problem.
Get advice and information on alcohol and drugs, and the support services available in County Durham.

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