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Join the next phase of our housing conversation

Get involved in the final phase of our housing conversation and help to shape our strategy to meet the county's housing needs both now and in the future.


We're developing a new housing strategy for 2024 which will update and replace the strategy agreed in 2019. The strategy outlines what we and our partners need to do to make sure County Durham will be a place of good quality, affordable homes, that meet the needs of both existing and future residents, including our older and younger generations.

Housing is more than just the roof over our heads. Good quality housing supports economic growth, helps to improve health and wellbeing for our residents and the educational achievements of our children, and creates and maintains thriving communities where people live long and independent lives. It therefore links into many areas of our work including planning, climate change, the economy, health and children's services, as well as ways to tackle homelessness and poverty.



What's involved in this phase

Your feedback from phase one has been used to help shape the draft Housing Strategy, including five priorities:

  • Priority 1: Increase the delivery of new homes, including secure, affordable housing to meet housing needs together with the infrastructure required.
  • Priority 2: Ensure that everyone has access to appropriate, safe and secure housing that supports health and wellbeing.
  • Priority 3: Ensure high quality, energy efficient homes and effective landlord services.
  • Priority 4: Ensure a comprehensive range of housing options for older and vulnerable people, disabled people and children and young people, including specialist accommodation and support.
  • Priority 5: Ensure high quality placemaking, creating safe, accessible, prosperous and sustainable places to live.

We'd now like your views on this draft before we finalise it and send it to our Cabinet for approval.

Draft Housing Strategy (PDF) [322KB]

Have your say

The closing date for comments was 5.00pm on Monday 18 December 2023.

What happens next

We'll look at all the feedback and make final amends to the strategy where relevant. We expect to finish the document and it be adopted by our Cabinet in March 2024.

The new housing strategy will be delivered in partnership through the County's Housing Forum, and in discussion with the county's residents, the private sector and other agencies as appropriate. The current housing strategy will remain in place until the new one is ready.

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