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Safety and security

Find information for cyclists and drivers on keeping cyclists safe. Find out where and how to securely park your bike and other security measures to prevent it getting stolen and/or damaged.

Cycling safety tips

  • Watch for opening car doors of parked cars.
  • Stay back from large vehicles. Watch for vehicles turning left across your path.
  • Give walkers time to gather in children and get dogs under control.
  • Carry a pump and puncture repair kit and good quality lock.
  • Make sure your bike has a bell.
  • Catch the drivers eye when crossing junctions to ensure they have seen you.
  • When cycling on the road look ahead for hazards such as potholes and parked vehicles.

For more information about how to stay safe when out on your bike visit the Highway code for cyclists.


  • Check daily that your lights and reflectors are still working and clean and bright, brakes are efficient and gears are working correctly.
  • Every week ensure tyres are correctly inflated and the chain is properly adjusted and lubricated.
  • Clean your bike monthly with a bike specific cleaning product.
  • Check every six months that all fixtures are secure e.g. handlebars, saddle, wheels, pannier rack, lights, etc. If there is movement clean off any dirt, oil the moving parts and tighten these up.

Driver safety tips 

  • Expect to see cyclists when you're driving as the number of cyclists is increasing.
  • Assess if you need to overtake. If you do, be prepared to wait behind for a safe opportunity to overtake. Give cyclists the same amount of space when overtaking as you would with a car.
  • Give cyclists extra space when going up or down hills.
  • Check carefully at side roads.
  • Always check over your shoulder once parked before opening car doors.
  • Allow more space for cyclists in wet and windy conditions, in bright sunlight and at night.
  • Expect to see cyclists at 1 metre away from the kerb.
  • At junctions or slow moving traffic expect cyclists to past on both sides of your vehicle and be extra cautious when setting off, especially before turning.
  • Drivers must expect respect the rules of the road, including indicating, speed limits and traffic lights.


For information about bike marking schemes, how to lock your bike and how to keep it safe, visit Pedal safe - lock it or lose it.

If your organisation or local shop, church, community centre needs some cycle parking please visit ParkThatBike.

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