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Housing support when your relationship has broken down

It's important to understand your housing rights and know what to do if your relationship ends.

You may find yourself at risk of being homeless for many reasons. Do not wait until you become homeless tell us you are at risk of becoming homeless.

If you need somewhere to sleep tonight contact us on 08081 968 406 or email

If you think you could reach an agreement, or need help to resolve issues with your partner, or family and friends, you could use a mediation service to help you - contact us for more information.

If your home is rented

If you and your spouse or partner rent your home:

  • If you rent jointly, you both have equal rights to stay in the home. If you're unable to reach an agreement, the court can decide for you.
  • If only one of you is the tenant, the other person doesn't have an automatic right to stay in the home. However a court can transfer a tenancy into the other person's name.

We can help you work through your options - contact us.

If you are a homeowner

If you and your spouse or partner jointly owns your home, or if only one of you is the legal owner:

  • You both have rights to the family home and neither of you can ask the other to leave.
  • Make sure that the mortgage / rent is paid until you decide what to do about the family home.
  • If only one of you is the legal owner, the other person still has legal rights. Home rights protect your interest in the family home in the short-term, but you must register them so that your spouse or partner cannot sell, transfer or mortgage the home without you knowing (contact us for further information).

Legal help

You may need legal advice when sorting out rights to the family home. You can find a solicitor in your area using the Law Society - find a solicitor website.

Contact us
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