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I am struggling to pay my rent or mortgage

There are schemes that can help you if you are struggling to pay your rent or mortgage.

You may find yourself at risk of being homeless for many reasons. Do not wait until you become homeless tell us you are at risk of becoming homeless.

If you need somewhere to sleep tonight contact us on 08081 968 406 or email

If you are struggling to pay your rent or mortgage, contact us as soon as possible.

How we can help

There are a number of options we will look at - we may be able to help you to:

  • Find a more affordable home.
  • Obtain a direct housing payment. This is a top up towards your rent for one year only. If you qualify for this, you must agree to conditions, depending on your circumstances. For example, moving to a cheaper home or applying for jobs. We will let you know what these conditions are.
  • Negotiate with your landlord, by:
    • helping you set up a payment plan or
    • advising you on the court process (if you are being taken to court for rent arrears). The sooner you contact us, the more likely it is that you will avoid court action.

Contact us

For advice contact us, or see our Get help to avoid becoming homeless information, which includes how to contact us outside of office hours.