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My bin has not been emptied

Reasons why your bin might not have been emptied and how to report a missed bin collection.

Report that a bin has not been emptied - please check that none of the reasons below apply before you do so.

Reasons why your bin might not have been emptied

Our bin crews keep a record of any problems they encounter on their rounds. Bins are emptied between the hours of 7.00am to 5.00pm on your scheduled collection day.  Your bin might not be emptied if you:

  • put the wrong bin out
  • put the bin out on the wrong day
  • did not put your bin out by 7.00am on your scheduled collection day
  • put the wrong things in your bin which might cause contamination, or overfill it or put items in it which make it too heavy to be lifted by the crew
  • tie your bin to a fence or tie your lid shut, preventing it from being emptied

Find out bin collection dates

Please enter your house number and postcode in the My Durham section of our website. You can download a collection calendar which tells you when your bins will be emptied.

Bad weather, major incidents or industrial action

In periods of bad weather, or other situations outside our control, you can find up to date information about council services such as bin collections on our Disruptions and closures due to the weather page.

What if I forget to put my box or bin out for collection?

You will need to wait until your next fortnightly collection date.

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