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Internet access and computers in our libraries

Free computer and internet access is available across all our libraries.

You can book a session by visiting or telephoning your local library, or via Library Online. You can use the computer for 30 minutes and stay on for a maximum of two hours if no-one else is waiting.

All of our libraries have:

  • specialist screen reading software
  • large keyboard and trackerball mouse available on request
  • free access to the Ancestry uk website
  • printers and scanners (you will have to pay for each page you print)

Who can use library computers

Anyone! As long as you have joined the library you can use our computers. 

Children and young people using the computers and internet

Children and young people under the age of 17 must have signed consent from their parents/guardians before using our library computers. Parents and guardians are responsible for children using the internet. Ask a member of staff for more details.

More information

For more detailed information about using the computers and internet in our libraries see our Public access internet guidance page.