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Keep up to date with council meetings

Find out when our council meetings take place, how to watch some of them (live and after the event) and how to confirm that meetings will go ahead as planned. You do not need an account or invite to watch any of our public council meetings.

Calendar of council meetings

See our calendar list of council meetings and when they are due to take place.

Watch a meeting live

Following the gradual easing of national Covid-19 restrictions, from 1 March 2022 we will only be live streaming meetings of full council, the Cabinet and the county planning committee. All other meetings will no longer be live streamed, but will return to allowing you to attend meetings in person.

For all meetings which are live streamed, you are encouraged to follow proceedings online rather than attend in-person, though there will be limited spaces available to accommodate those that do want to attend in-person. Appropriate measures are in place to reduce risk of transmission of Covid-19 and they will continue in the interests of public safety. These include limiting number of spaces available for members of the public, press and county councillors for meetings of committees on which they do not serve.

People are asked to register in advance if they wish to attend any of our meetings. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Other meetings may be streamed in exceptional circumstances and in such cases notification of this will be provided on agendas.

To access live meetings, follow the link of the relevant meeting within our calendar list of council meetings. The YouTube link will be available five days before the meeting, along with the meeting papers (for example the agenda, previous minutes and relevant supporting documents).

How to watch a meeting if you miss it

After the meeting has taken place, we publish a link to the video of the meeting. To access this, simply click on the link of the relevant meeting within our calendar list of council meetings. This video is available for at least six months after the meeting has taken place.

Check a meeting is taking place

To check that a meeting will take place as planned, view our calendar of council meetings (by month).

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