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Consultation on our Minerals and Waste Policies and Allocation Document (stage one)

We are preparing a new planning document called the Minerals and Waste Policies and Allocation Document and want your views to help shape the document.


This new planning document will eventually form part of the statutory development plan for County Durham and together with the County Durham Plan, it will be used to make decisions on planning applications for mineral working (quarrying and related development) and on new waste management facilities.

Once it is adopted, it will replace the current County Durham Minerals Local Plan and County Durham Waste Local Plan.

The document aims to provide assurance to both the public and industry as to where future development may be allowed.

What we are doing

We are:

  • inviting your comments on our 'Regulation 18 Statement - Notice of Intention to Prepare a Local Plan Development Plan Document'. The Notice explains our views on the scope of the Minerals and Waste Policies and Allocations Document, and the policy issues it should cover.
  • writing to the minerals and waste industry, their representative bodies, planning consultants and key landowners to ask them to propose any new mineral and waste sites so they can be considered and if appropriate, form part of the new document. Any sites proposed through this process will be carefully considered and appraised before we make a decision on whether we support a site allocation being made.

Icon for pdf Regulation 18 Statement - Notice of Intention to Prepare a Local Plan Development Plan Document (PDF, 93.7kb)

Have your say

The closing date for comments was 5.00pm on 26 February 2021.

What happens next

Your responses to the consultation will be considered as part of the development of the draft Minerals and Waste Policies and Allocation Document. Over the next two years, we will develop draft plans and consult at each stage to ensure that we understand your views.  This will include:

  • preparation of the draft document
  • preparation of a pre-submission draft document, where we ask you to have your final say on its content
  • submission of the document to Government for an examination by an independent Planning Inspector
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