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Direct Payments - ending your Direct Payments

If your Direct Payments are to end, your social worker or care coordinator will need to be told. They will then inform the Direct Payments Team of the date that payments need to stop.

A Direct Payments Support Worker will then be allocated to support you with the closure of the account. This will include:

  • providing support to end any service with an agency
  • cancelling any employers' insurance policy

If you employ any personal assistants to provide your care, you will need to give them notice of their employment ending. Information and advice on how to do this can be provided by the employment law advice service connected to your insurance company, quoting your policy number:

  • Peninsula (Fish Insurance) - Telephone 0844 8922 772
  • ILG (Premier Insurance) - Telephone 01476 512 192 or email

You will need to contact your payroll company to ensure that final notice/redundancy payments are made correctly. You will need to confirm that you have enough funds in the account to pay any final wages/invoices.

Please note that even if you have a managed bank account or a Direct Payments Card Account, you will still need to ensure that final timesheets/invoices are submitted to the payroll company.

A final audit of you Direct Payments Account will then need to be completed.

  • If you have your own Direct Payments Bank Account, we will be in touch to request copies of bank statements and evidence of any account expenditure (e.g. invoices, receipts, payroll etc). Following completion of the audit, we will issue an invoice to you for any remaining funds to be returned to Durham County Council.
  • If you have a Direct Payments Card Account, we can access statements directly via the card provider but may be in touch to request evidence of account expenditure where required. Following completion of the audit, we will automatically recover any remaining funds from the account and let you know when this is complete.
  • If you have a Managed Account, we will liaise directly with the provider of the account with regards to the final audit.
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