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What Welcome Spaces are, why we need them and how to find them

Welcome Spaces are somewhere you can go to find company and stay warm, well and safe this winter. In some, you'll also be able to get refreshments.

With many people feeling isolated, as well as the pressure because of increased energy costs and the rising cost of living, our Welcome Spaces network aims to support residents across County Durham this winter.

Our Welcome Spaces are free and will let you stay for as long, or for as short a period as you wish (within their opening hours).

Find your nearest Welcome Space

Finding your nearest Welcome Spaces is easy. We have added a section to Locate, our online directory, allowing residents to connect with local services. So, if you are looking for somewhere to feel welcome, or to warm up, you can find out where you can go and enjoy a little company. Some Welcome Spaces also offer refreshments, wi-fi access, parking and baby change facilities.

Find your local Welcome Space and the facilities they can offer on Locate: Welcome Spaces.

Why we need Welcome Spaces

Welcome Spaces offer some much needed social interaction with others, as well as support and information around the continuing cost of living situation and financial hardship facing many of our communities, including the increases in energy, food, fuel and other necessities.

See our Help with your money page for more information and support on the rising cost of living. Follow our winter safety advice to keep your family warm, well and safe during the cold weather.


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