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Apply for funding from our apprenticeship levy

The apprenticeship levy is a payment the government requires from UK employers to fund new apprenticeships.

As an employer, Durham County Council pays into the apprenticeship levy and uses the funds to finance new apprenticeships in the council. Government rules also allow us to transfer some of our levy funds to other employers, to support them to fund apprenticeships to improve the skills and knowledge of the local workforce through apprenticeships.

Qualifying employers can use this funding either for new apprentices or for current employees who undertake a new apprenticeship. Funds can be used towards training and assessment to meet apprenticeship standards. Funds cannot be used for apprentices that have already started their apprenticeship.

Who can apply for funding?

To apply for funding from our apprenticeship levy, employers must:

For further information please see our Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Policy (PDF) [227KB]

If you need help with registering for the apprenticeship service, or advice and support to start an apprenticeship, contact the National Apprenticeship Helpdesk.

How to apply for funding / an apprenticeship levy transfer

Employers interested in making an application for a levy transfer should view the Durham County Council levy transfer pledge on the apprenticeship service pledge page.

An employer interested in making an application for a levy transfer will need to:

  • know which apprenticeship standard their apprentice will be undertaking;
  • know how many apprentices they need funding for;
  • know the location of where the apprentice will be working from;
  • know the apprentice expected start date.

Employers will then submit an application to the council via the 'create a transfer' online application form; this will be considered by the council and the employer will be notified of the decision via their apprenticeship service account.

If you need to discuss your application, please contact the HR and Employee Services team on 03000 267 250.

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