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Supporting County Durham's foster carers

There are many children and young people who need loving homes across the county. While foster carers make a significant difference to their lives, it can be a challenging role. But, having adopted a global award-winning programme by The Fostering Network, we're offering even greater support to foster families.

The Mockingbird programme aims to offer peer support, guidance and social activities to families, helping them to strengthen their relationships in the same way an extended family offers help and support. 
Led by a hub home carer and liaison worker, each Mockingbird community supports between six to 10 foster families and is available nearly 24/7. As well as offering support to carers, home hub carers offer sleepovers and social activities to children and young people to build their resilience and confidence. 
The programme has proved a huge success, with statistics showing around 18 per cent of placements would have broken down without it. 

Sharing their successes 

Jen and Mike are our first home hub carers in County Durham, having been in the role for six months. "We haven't stopped smiling since we were appointed," states Jen. "We love that no two weeks are ever the same and I especially enjoy organising our set socials and support groups." 

In the short time they have acted as home hub carers, they have already seen the benefit of the Mockingbird project. "For us, we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of the children and young people on a personal level," explains Jen. "We love to share their successes but also be there for them and their carers in their hour of need.

"The children are finding new friends, learning from one another and sharing similar experiences," said Jen. "They love to come together at the hub for pizza-making nights, play dates and more." 
And it isn't just the children who benefit, as Jen explains. "All the carers involved reach out to each other now as well as leaning on us as the hub home. They support each other where they can and, though there have been some sad and challenging times for families, everyone has been so supportive." 

Could you become a foster carer?

We have now recruited our second home hub carer to extend the support Mockingbird can offer to more foster families in County Durham. 

If you would like to join our fostering team - visit Fostering or call 03000 269 400

You'll find a dedicated team offering a great support package, including competitive financial assistance, full training and advice.

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