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Waste Local Plan

As the Waste Planning Authority for County Durham, we previously prepared a Waste Local Plan. This plan was prepared to give clear guidance to the waste industry and the public on our planning policies for the management of waste in the county.

We adopted the County Durham Waste Local Plan in April 2005 and it covered until 2016. It contributed to the Development Plan for County Durham.

It was drawn up in response to the policies and long-term objectives that were set out at that time in European and national policies on waste management. It sought to ensure that we have sufficient waste management facilities, such as recycling facilities and landfill sites, in appropriate areas to deal with the waste that is produced.

Icon for pdf Waste Local Plan (PDF, 1.8mb)

Status of the Waste Local Plan policies

Most Waste Local Plan policies have now been replaced by the County Durham Plan which was adopted in October 2020.

13 Waste Local Plan policies remain 'saved' and still form part of the development plan for County Durham. These remaining saved Waste Local Plan policies are set out in Appendix B of the County Durham Plan and in the Schedule of Remaining Saved Waste Local Plan Policies in the Development Plan for County Durham. They will be replaced by the Minerals and Waste Policies and Allocations document which is now being prepared.

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