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Waste Local Plan

As the Waste Planning Authority for County Durham, we have prepared a Waste Local Plan. This plan gives clear guidance to the waste industry and to members of the public on the policies for dealing with waste in the county.

The Waste Local Plan ensures that we have waste management facilities, such as recycling facilities and landfill sites, in appropriate areas to deal with the waste that is produced. The plan was adopted by the council in April 2005 and covered the period until the end of 2016. It has been drawn up in response to the long-term objectives that are set out in European and national policies on waste management.

The Waste Local Plan replaced the Waste Disposal Local Plan.

Status of the Waste Local Plan policies

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 allowed some Local Plan policies to be 'saved' until they are replaced by new policies in the new County Durham Plan.

Five Waste Local Plan policies were 'not saved'. All other policies in the Plan remain valid until they are replaced by new policies in the County Durham Plan.

As of September 2007 if you are looking at any of the district local plans you will also need to look at the saved policies list to determine which policies remain valid, as not all policies have been saved and the text of the plans has not been updated.

The Waste Local Plan includes policies regarding the use of land for waste management. We use the plan as a starting point when deciding on planning applications relating to all types of waste management schemes. Our aim is to meet the need for new waste management facilities without this resulting in damage to the environment.

The plan regards waste as having value which can be extracted, through recycling and recovery of materials and energy, as a priority to minimise the amount of waste that is disposed of in landfills.


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