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How we check our roads are safe

We inspect our roads on a regular basis to make sure that there are no hazards and to

We do a variety of checks throughout the year, including safety and coarse visual inspections, footway network surveys, SCANNER surveys and skid resistance surveys.

Skid resistance

Skid resistance of the county roads is assessed using surveys.

Icon for pdf Skid Resistance Strategy (PDF, 326.0kb)

    Safety inspections

    To make sure our roads are free from hazards, we do regular safety inspections, based on the road class, traffic use, characteristics of adjoining roads and local knowledge.

    CategoryGeneral descriptionFrequency
    2Non-motorway trunk and some principal A roads between primary month
    3aMajor urban network and inter-primary links. Short-medium distance month
    3bClassified road (B and C class) and unclassified urban bus routes carrying local traffic with frontage access and frequent month
    4aRoads linking between category 3a and 3b roads with frontage access and frequent junctions.three months
    4bRoads serving limited number of properties carrying only access year

    What happens next

    If a danger is identified during inspection, is noted and repairs arranged. It may result in patching, surface treatment, resurfacing or even full reconstruction, if the problem is serious enough.

    We must show that we are making the best use of our property and assets and have an asset management plan for transport-related assets. The processes in the asset management plan are explained in our maintenance plan. 

    Road traffic data

    We collect and hold a range of road traffic and accident data. We use this data to inform transport and impact assessments, planning, engineering and road safety proposals. This data includes accidents (personal injury) and traffic survey data.

    The data is available on request, but there is a charge. Contact us at traffic data for more information.

    Automatic traffic counter data (traffic volume, classification and speed)

    • One to two weeks of data - £210 per site
    • Three to 12 weeks of data - £330 per site
    • 13 to 52 weeks of data - £410 per site

    Traffic survey requests

    To carry out traffic survey (volume, classification, speed) using automatic traffic count equipment.   

    • one week - £500 per site
    • two weeks - £600 per site

    Provision of accident data for consultant use

    Such as for transport or traffic impact assessments.

    • standing charge - £169.95
    • charge per accident identified - £11.33
    • commercial road safety audits - actual cost

    Let us know if you see a problem

    Contact us
    Customer Services
    03000 26 0000

    Traffic data