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Business travel planning

A Workplace Travel Plan aims to reduce over dependence on car use by promoting sustainable alternatives.

Why develop a Workplace Travel Plan?

Over reliance on the car is costly as roads become more congested and demand for car parking space grows all the time. Encouraging employees to walk, cycle, take the bus or car share saves money, makes them healthier and improves a company's environmental credentials. With unpredictable fuel costs, now is the time to develop a travel plan. It's sensible resource management.

What information does a Workplace Travel Plan contain?

Typically, travel plans combine measures to support walking, cycling, public transport, car sharing and reducing the need to travel in the first place. Such measures are reinforced with promotion and incentives and by the management of workplace parking.

In order for a travel plan to be successful, it should be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation, and have the full backing of management and staff at all levels.

First of all, a travel plan includes an assessment of the current business situation; including a full staff travel survey. When you have found out how staff currently travel to the site and what barriers there are preventing more sustainable choices, targets can be established to show what the company plans to achieve through the travel plan. Finally an action plan is created to set out what measures and initiatives will be put in place to achieve the targets.

We assess all travel plans against the British Standard; National Specification for Workplace Travel Plans PAS 500:2008, and expect all travel plans to meet bronze standard. This ensures that a travel plan contains all the necessary information to be effective in practice. 

We can help you

The Travel Plan team are happy to assist any organisation in County Durham with the development and implementation of a travel plan. Please contact us for more information. 

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