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Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprises (VCSE)

The register details all grants made to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations

Voluntary and community sector organisations are also sometimes known as 'the third sector' or 'civil society organisations' and can vary enormously in size from small local groups, run exclusively by volunteers, to large national charities. Community groups and voluntary organisations across County Durham provide a wide range of activities and services which support local people.

Social Enterprises are businesses that trade for a social and/or environmental purpose and are set up to specifically make a difference and reinvest profits they make for the purpose of their social mission.

The register details all grants made to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations and is updated annually and are available as comma separated variable (CSV) files.

The reports show a number of columns of data which are explained in the table below:

ColumnField nameExplanation
AReference numberA unique reference number to identify each individual grant.
BService groupingThe area of the council responsible for payment of the grant.
CType of GrantThe council awards several different grants for different purposes. This column identifies the type of grant awarded to the organisation.
DDateThe date the grant was awarded.
ETime periodThe time period for which the grant has been given, if applicable.
FBeneficiaryThe full name of the organisation who was recipient of the grant.
GBeneficiary registration numberThe registration number of the organisation, which may be the company number or charity registration number.
HPurpose of GrantA summary of the purpose  for which the grant was given.
IAmountAmount of grant paid to the organisation.
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