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Council tax bands and how much you pay

Council tax bands determine how much your council tax is. When you know your band and parish, you can look up how much council tax you pay.

Look up how much council tax you pay 

How much council tax you pay depends on your property's council tax band and where you live. Before looking this up, you need to know:

Valuations are controlled by the Valuation Office Agency rather than the council. If you'd like to appeal against the valuation, see our make an appeal about council tax page.

Get money off your bill

See how you can get money off your council tax bill. This includes single person discount (if you live alone you pay less council tax), and information about properties exempt from council tax.

Empty properties

If no one is living at a property, council tax is still charged at full rate, regardless of whether it's furnished or not. If a property is unfurnished, a premium may be added, based on how long the property has been empty. Find out more about council tax on empty properties and second homes.

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