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Neighbourhood Watch

This page explains how to join or start a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and how they work.

Neighbourhood Watch in County Durham

County Durham is a safe place to live and you can help us keep it this way. Why not join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and increase home and vehicle security in your area? 

Neighbourhood Watch schemes are led by a volunteer coordinator who will receive information from the police and share it with their members. Neighbourhood Watch schemes can be large; covering most of the households on an estate, or small; involving just a dozen houses. It all depends on your area and what local people living there want.

How can I get involved? 

  • Join an existing scheme - If there is already a scheme in your neighbourhood why not join it? Find schemes in your area on the National Neighbourhood Watch website.
  • Run a scheme - create and run a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme for your street or village.
  • Re-launch a scheme - if your scheme has failed to get going or people have moved on and it has stopped functioning - why not re-launch it?

If you would like get involved, or find out more, contact Durham Constabulary or visit the National Neighbourhood Watch website.


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