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Park House

Park House is a short break centre which has been established in partnership with Isos Housing.

Park House

Who Park House is for

Park House offers young disabled people, between 9 and 18 years, a short break service that is not available through family-based care services. A short break is defined as one, two or three overnight stays.

We provide short break care for young people who have a learning disability and:

  • complex physical needs requiring specialist equipment
  • specific communication needs
  • a sensory impairment.

In a safe, positive and stimulating environment we try to give each young person the opportunity to make everyday decisions and take part in experiences many people take for granted. We do this by working as partners with the young people and their parents/carers.

Note: to use Park House, you must have been referred there after an assessment.

Inside Park House


The lounge is warm and inviting with a range of soft furnishings. It's an ideal space for young people to relax and unwind with friends, watch TV and take in the latest movies. There is also a second living room upstairs so that young people have a choice of areas to relax and unwind.


There are seven bedrooms in total. Each bedroom is unique in design and decor with individual furniture and televisions. There are rooms available upstairs and downstairs and many have their own wash basin. All rooms are spacious and the downstairs rooms allow for specialist equipment. Specialist beds are also available which can be moved into many positions by the electronically controlled handset.

As far as possible we allow young people to choose their own room.

Soft play room

The soft play room is on the first floor which can be accessed via our lift or stairs. This is an ideal area to burn off energy and have fun. The room has cushioned walls and floor where young people can play with equipment such as soft slide, giant puzzles, ball pool and rolling barrel.


Park House has two bathrooms and two shower rooms. All bathrooms are designed to meet the needs of the young people and include specialist equipment such as hoists, changing benches and a jacuzzi. The bathrooms are inviting and nicely decorated with modern tiles and bright wallpaper.

Outdoor play area and garden

Park House has its own secure outdoor play area including summer house, swings, a slide, football nets, a trampoline and more.

Dining room

The second dining area leads off the conservatory. It is more intimate and enables those who prefer not to be in large groups to eat with a member of staff.


The kitchen is modern, brightly decorated and well adapted. There is a wide range of crockery and cutlery adaptations.

Sensory room

This room is well equipped with a variety of sensory equipment. We have a wide range of different lighting and bold equipment. It is ideal for relaxing, discos and fun play.

Contact us
Park House
0191 372 2423
Our address is:
  • Park Road
  • Sherburn Village
  • Durham
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
  • DH6 1EA