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Armed Forces Outreach Service

Our Armed Forces Outreach Service (AFOS) can provide help and support to all Forces personnel, reservists, Veterans and their families.

What we can offer


We have a good understanding of some of the barriers that you and your families face when trying to secure a home. Contact Armed Forces Outreach Service (AFOS) - our outreach workers will give you help and support around issues such as:

  • direct advice about housing
  • advice on benefits
  • access to debt advice services
  • assistance with pensions and contributions
  • direct financial assistance with furnishing a home, carpets, white goods and even adaptations
  • assistance to access health services and support
  • assistance with employment and education
  • resettlement support 
  • assistance with family support such as getting funding for respite breaks
  • assistance to get in touch with the right services


The benefit system can be confusing and difficult to navigate meaning many people are not aware of their right to entitlement. The AFOS can support you with this process and ensure you are in receipt of the correct benefits.


We can refer you to other services that work specifically at securing employment and training for ex-service personnel. You may also want to take a look at the jobs with the council in the jobs and careers section.

Health and wellbeing

Many people leaving the armed forces, as well as those who left many years ago, can struggle with the transition and feel isolated and alone. We understand that this adjustment period can be difficult and can support you through this. We also have direct referral routes to Op Courage the Armed Forces mental health services within the NHS for additional support.

For those serving in the Armed Forces, as well as reservists and veterans, we have a range of different membership options available under our Thrive: Memberships, for use of our Leisure Centres.

Care and support

Veterans can find a range of care and support services on our Locate - care and support in County Durham website.

Family support

View resources available to support armed forces families with children. 


If you are leaving the Forces and need to gain further information and support on schools in County Durham, we can provide assistance and signpost you to the relevant agencies who will ensure you and your children are not disadvantaged in any way. Find out more about primary or secondary school places for your child on the school places and admissions page.


We understand that it can be difficult to manage your money after leaving the Armed Forces because of changes to income and circumstances. We can support and advise you on low-level budgeting, make onward referrals to Citizen's Advice and offer other debt counselling services if required.

If you would like to speak with an AFOS worker, please Contact Armed Forces Outreach Service (AFOS) and we will endeavour to answer you within two working days.

Other sources of help and support

The Veteran's Gateway is made up of a number of organisations and Armed Forces charities. This web based support connects veterans and their families with partner organisations best placed to help with the information, advice and support they need in post-service life.

The NHS provides healthcare information for military personnel and veterans, including getting treatment and useful contacts.

Veteran's badges

 If you have served in HM Armed Forces, including Volunteer and Regular Reserves, you may be able eligible for a Veteran's Badge.

Armed Forces Covenant

We are members of the County Durham Partnership where several key public, private and voluntary sector organisations work together to support active and ex-service men, women and their families as part of our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant. Find out how registered charities, armed forces units or statutory bodies can apply to the Covenant Fund for a grant to support the armed forces community.

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