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Cornforth Conservation Area

Cornforth is a small village, six miles south of the City of Durham. Centred on an L-shaped green and situated on a limestone ridge, it is surrounded by farmland with extensive stone quarries to the south and east.

Cornforth is recorded in the Bolden Book in 1183 and has developed around an L-shaped green, which is surrounded by long, thin terraces along its eastern, northern and western edges. Most of the historic properties face directly onto the green and are what were once known as 'burgage plots', having little or no front garden but long, narrow rear gardens. The special interest of the conservation area is derived from the attractive village green, surviving historic buildings and medieval layout.

The Cornforth Conservation Area was originally designated in 1993 and was reviewed in 2008. Proposals to extend the boundary in 2008 were not implemented.

Cornforth Conservation Area Appraisal

To ensure County Durham's conservation areas are properly managed, we produce Conservation Area Character Appraisal documents that help raise awareness of each area's special character and interest. The Cornforth Conservation Area Character Appraisal and the Conservation Area Management Plan were commissioned by the former Sedgefield Borough Council in 2008 and recommend ways to improve and to manage change and provide an interesting history and snapshot of the area.

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