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Affordable housing

Affordable housing is a home that you buy or rent, below the current market value. It is usually provided by housing developers, designed and made to the same standard as other properties on the development.

You can get an affordable home in one of two ways, either by buying a home or by renting a home.

Buying a home

This is usually through our Discounted Market Sale scheme (DMS), but there are other ways such as Shared Ownership or Help to Buy. 

Discount Market Sale

Developers sell homes on their housing sites with a percentage discount. The amount of discount differs on each site to make it affordable. To be eligible to buy a discounted home, you need to meet criteria relating to your local connection and how much you earn (this information is available when you apply).

How to apply

On the initial sale of a home you would apply through the developer and they will let you know which properties are available on their site. They will help you complete the eligibility checks needed. This is to make sure you are allowed to own the property. There are DMS homes available on many sites across the county and sales office staff will be able to help.
If you are buying a DMS house from a person, rather than on first sale from the developer, you would need to contact us directly to confirm your eligibility. 

Contact the housing developer directly for more information, and for information on how to apply. 

Selling your Discount Market Sale home

To keep houses affordable, when you sell your DMS home you must pass your discount on to the next buyer. This doesn't mean that you will not make a profit on your home. Once you decide to sell, you must contact us to let us know. We will also be able to advise you on selling your home.

First-time buyers

If you're a first time buyer the Starter Homes scheme could help you buy a new-build home with a 20% discount.

Shared ownership

In shared ownership schemes you would own part of your home and part would be owned by a Registered Provider (RP).  You would need to pay rent on the part owned by the RP and mortgage on your share. This would mean you would need a much smaller mortgage than on other properties.

Renting an affordable home

You can apply for these properties in the same way that you apply for other properties to rent. This can be either through Durham Key Options or directly to the RP. Our apply for housing page provides more information about how to apply to rent affordable housing.

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