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Help to get online

If you are new to computing or using the internet we have pulled together a range information and training. This includes using Skype, webcams, emails, online shopping or just staying in touch with friends and family.

Low cost refurbished equipment

Get Online @ Home

Get Online @ Home is an initiative run by Computer Recyclers UK who provide low cost refurbished and internet ready computers. They work in partnership with Carphone Warehouse who help you compare the broadband packages in your area and can help find the right deal for your home.

Find out more at Get Online @ Home.

Free internet access 

Lots of supermarkets, cafés, bars, pubs, restaurants and other venues now offer free internet access.

Our libraries

Free computer and internet access is available across all of our Libraries. As long as you are a member you can use one of the computers. Find out more about free computer and internet access at Internet access and computers in our libraries.

The Cloud (Sky Wi-Fi)

The Cloud is a public access Wi-Fi provider with thousands of hotspots in many local cafés, bars, pubs, and restaurants. It provides simple, fast, and reliable broadband for people out when out of their home. 

To access the Wi-Fi Service, you will need to login or create an account. You can do this easily once connected at a hotspot. 

Low cost broadband 

The broadband and mobile data markets offer customers a wide range of choice, with different deals available to suit different needs. Some providers offer cheaper social tariffs that are only available to customers who receive certain government benefits. These packages can provide a safety net for customers who might be struggling to afford their broadband or phone services. Find out more on the Ofcom: Cheaper broadband and phone packages webpage.

Computing courses

Courses run by the council

We offer short, fun, and interactive learning sessions that can help support you to get online and learn new computer skills. You can learn about a broad range of themes including using email, using the internet, using mobile devices, and IT security.

Find out more at Digital skills courses.

Learn My Way

The Learn My Way website has over 30 free online courses designed to help beginners get started with the online basics including; using a mouse, keyboard, setting up email accounts and using internet search engines to help you learn to use a computer, browse the internet, and send emails.

Digital Unite

Digital Unite technology guides offer over 400 topics including computer basics, Microsoft Office, using the internet and much more.

Age UK

Age UK: making the most of the internet provides a range of step-by-step guides that can help you make sense of the internet. From keeping in touch with friends and family to doing your shopping and banking, their tips will help you feel confident and stay safe online.

Barclays Bank Digital Wings

The Barclays Bank Digital Wings programme has online courses and advice to help build your confidence with computers and the internet.

Online safety

Email safety tips

Email is a tool for sending and receiving a lot of information quickly and securely. However, it's important that your personal information remains secure and safe and that you aren't open to viruses or hackers. 

Digital Unite email safety tips help you remain safe when using email.

How to stay safe online

The World Wide Web is a huge resource, but as with everything, it has its risks. The Digital Unite how to stay safe online guide has hints and tips on staying safe while enjoying the online world.

Making the most of the internet

Age UK: making the most of the internet includes lots of useful advice about technology and staying safe online.



Webcams are tools that allow you to see friends and family using your computer. Digital Unite webcam guides offer no-nonsense information on choosing and using webcams.

Video calling

Being able to see who you are talking makes communicating easier. You can use video calling to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world.

Learn My Way video calling is an online course and range of how to use guides for many of the popular video calling options including:

  • FaceTime (Apple to Apple devices only) 
  • Skype
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp 


Video conferencing on Zoom is another free video calling service which has become popular during the coronavirus pandemic. It allows up to 100 people to meet online. It is useful tool for keeping in touch with friends and family. Zoom is free of charge to anyone and the basic free version which offers all the facilities most people will need for calls up to 40 minutes.

Online shopping

Online shopping allows you to compare prices, find bargains and save money. But as its popularity has increased, so have the risks. If you follow Money Helper: shopping and paying safely online guidance you can have a safe and secure online shopping experience.

Social media

Digital Unite technology guides includes information on all the major social media platforms which help you keep in touch with friends and families as well as any interests you have. They cover:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blogs
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus
  • Local social networks

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