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Focus on Undernutrition

Delivered in partnership with Focus on Undernutrition UK (FoU). You will learn about the provision of specialist catering, menu planning and special diets.

Who the course is for?

This specialist catering course is recommended for those involved with preparing meals for people living in care settings. 

It is recommended that they will discuss and develop this work with their line manager. 

Learning method

This course is an online course consisting of blended learning, you will cover a programme of six sessions which includes three elements. 

A Masterclass which is delivered as an online video covering a special diet which incorporates learning activities for delegates to complete during the workshop.

A practical workshop which is delivered through a series of recipe videos preparing and tasting dishes related to the special diet, the delegate will then prepare and taste two recipes and provide evidence through photography and a reflection.  A quiz is issued before and after each session to gauge learning.
Delegates will need to download coursework in relation to adapting recipes and menu cycles for the special diet. They are then required to complete the coursework and upload which will then be marked by the training lead.

Delegates will complete a personal development plan at the start of the course and a reflection and the end of the course, which incorporates how they want to implement their new skills and knowledge into the workplace. 

What you will learn

By completing this course, you will gain knowledge of planning a nutritionally balanced menu for older people based on nutritional recommendations. 

You will cover:

  • Session 1 - Basic nutrition and menu planning for older people.
  • Session 2 - Diets for older people with diabetes.
  • Session 3 - High calorie, high protein diets (fortified diets). 
  • Session 4 - Altered consistency diets - Part 1 (What is dysphagia and IDDSI, puréed diets (Level 4) practical on puréed main courses dishes.
  • Session 5 - Altered consistency diets - Part 2 (thin purée (L3) minced and moist (L5) soft and bite sized (L6) 
  • Practical on puréed snacks, desserts, and lighter meal dishes. 
  • Session 6 - Nutrition and dementia; constipation and high fibre diets, portfolio development.

Course benefits

  • Have a working knowledge of planning a nutritionally balanced menu for older people in care homes based on nutritional recommendations.
  • Specialist units provide the opportunity for delegates to focus on extending knowledge and practical application required to work in the care sector, using specialised techniques or preparing food for a particular client group. 
  • Course is blended learning giving you flexibility of study.
  • Coursework is marked by Local Nutrition and Dietetic Service at County Durham and Darlington NHS Trust (CDDFT)
  • Certificate following successful completion.  

How to book

To book this course, please contact us.

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