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Demolition notice and advice

This page contains information and advice on demolition works and a copy of the current demolition application form (Notice of Proposed Demolition).

The Building Act 1984 contains provisions that enable local authorities to control demolition works in the interest of public safety and to ensure adjoining premises and the site itself are made safe on completion of the demolition.

Section 80 of the above act places an obligation on anyone intending to demolish a building to give notice to the local authority and send copies of the notice to the utility services (gas, water and electricity) as well as to adjoining owners and/or occupiers.

If necessary, on receipt of the notice a building control officer will carry out a site survey. This will determine what conditions will be necessary to control the process of demolition, the remedial works needed on adjoining buildings, the effect on services, and the treatment of the site on completion.

If necessary, a site meeting will be arranged with all interested parties including the building control officer, highways engineer, police, adjoining owners/occupiers, and the demolition contractor to discuss the issues arising out of the proposed demolition.

We have a statutory period of six weeks to issue the demolition notice but will aim to do this within four weeks or earlier. Copies of the notice will also be sent to the utility services (gas, water and electricity) and to adjoining owners/occupiers as required by the act.

With effect from 13 May 2013, a fee to the sum of £150 (VAT zero rated) is payable to Durham County Council on submission of a demolition application form.

Please return your completed demolition application form to your nearest area office.

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