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Building control and regulations guidance

The building control web pages offer information about how we can assist you in all functions associated with building control.

Building regulations

Information about the building regulations and further guidance you may find useful.

Additional building control functions

We are responsible for many functions, of which the principle one is ensuring the health and safety of people in and around buildings by the implementation of The Building Act 1984 and associated legislation.

Higher-Risk Buildings

From 1 October 2023, local authorities are unable to receive building regulation applications for building work to a higher-risk building (HRB).

An HRB is a building at least 18 metres in height or at least 7 storeys (not including any basement storeys) and which has at least two residential units. HRBs also include residential care homes and hospital in-patient care buildings which meet the same height threshold.

Building regulation applications relating to HRBs must be submitted direct to the Building Safety Regulator at Manage a building control application for a higher-risk building.

Further information on the building regulation application process for HRBs can be found at Managing building control approval applications for higher-risk buildings.

You can find details of how to contact the Building Safety Regulator at Contact the Building Safety Regulator or telephone 0300 790 6787.

Additional information sources and useful links

Our service standards

We have achieved the following accreditation and are committed to the delivery of a customer focused service:

We are committed to providing a quality service:

The Local Performance Indicators identify the performance standard of our Building Control Service.

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