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Improving living conditions in County Durham

Ensuring that communities have the right type of housing, which is of good quality and in the right places, helps create vibrant communities.

Private rented property standards

Selective licensing

Selective licensing was introduced under the Housing Act 2004. It gives local councils, like us, powers to regulate landlords and managing agents of private rented property in certain areas. 

These areas tend to suffer from low housing demand and/or high levels of anti-social behaviour.

Private rented property - housing management standards

We've set out some basic housing management standards which we expect private landlords and agents, as responsible operators, to adhere to. This is to ensure the comfort and safety of their tenants.

Decent Homes Standard

We all have a right to live in good quality housing - homes that are wind and weather tight, warm and fitted with reasonably modern facilities. The Decent Homes Standard sets out a variety of conditions that housing in the private sector should achieve.

Housing regeneration

Regeneration and Environmental Improvement  Schemes - past and present

Find an outline of past and present regeneration and environmental improvement schemes to improve living conditions in the county and make our communities more attractive and desirable places to live.

Empty Homes

Houses falling into disrepair, reduce the value of neighbouring properties, attract vermin, may become unsafe and could become the focal point for anti-social behaviour.

Whether you own an empty property or live near to one, find out what we're doing to bring empty homes back into use.

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