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Misuse of Blue Badges

Illegal use of Blue Badges is a national problem and we will take people to court if they deliberately break the law when parking on roads or in our public car parks.

We are unable to enforce blue badge abuse in private car parks.

Misuse of a badge

It is against the law to use someone's Blue Badge when they are not with you.

Misuse also includes using a badge that's:

  • not valid
  • been forged or copied
  • been lost or stolen

Misusing a badge also means you are using a parking space that somebody with a disability may need.

If taken to court, you will be fined up to £1000 in addition to any parking fine you receive. 

Correct use of a badge

To use a badge:

  • the named holder must be travelling in the vehicle with you, even if you are doing business for them
  • it must be displayed with the expiry date and the badge serial number facing upwards (the photo and badge holder's name should face down)
Contact us
Blue Badge Scheme
03000 269 425
Our address is:
  • Durham County Council
  • PO Box 115
  • Spennymoor
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
  • DL16 9BX