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Sign up for paperless Council Tax bills

Reduce your paper bills - get your Council Tax bill by email, as well as other communications from our revenues and benefits team.

All you need to register is your name, address and email address (you must be a person who is named on the bill).

What happens next?

When we receive your request, we'll send you a letter to confirm this. If the information in the letter is correct, you do not need to do anything else.

If there is a mistake in the letter, or you have changed your mind, please contact us as soon as possible.

You'll then receive your future Council Tax bills by email, along with the other information which is sent with your bill. If we need to contact you for any reason, we will email you instead of contacting you by post.

Use of personal information

We will only use the information collected when you sign up for ecommunications for the reasons stated on this page. In line with Data Protection law, we may use the information you give us to prevent or detect fraud or other crimes. We may also share it with other council services or public organisations if they need it to carry out their duties. Your personal details will not be passed to any other organisation or third party.

Help to register

If you need help to register, please contact us.


If you want to stop receiving your Council Tax bills by email - or other communications from our revenues and benefits team, please contact us.

Manage and pay your Council Tax online

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